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The best electric bikes of 2020

The best electric bikes are rapidly becoming one of the most popular modes of transportation, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, now come in just about every style and model of bike, from basic commuters to snazzy street racers to voluminous cargo bikes. Most models offer 3 to […]

10 Steps to license, tax and insure your Electric Bike

Motor vehicle legislation To remain exempt from motor vehicle legislation, an electric bicycle must be fitted with pedals capable of propelling the bike and comply with the following: Power and Speed Maximum (continuous) rated motor power 250W: EN15194 regulations require an electric bike to be capable of delivering 250 watts continuously without the motor being […]


Buy or rent e-scooters? E-scooters have become much loved and loathed by many people in recent times. The year 2019 brought a new lease of life to the technology with the much-anticipated launch of Lime electric scooters and an incredible growth spurt of private purchases from local retailers around the country. Although it is likely that the Corona […]


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